Bienvenidos a Los Dos: Recipes

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Condiments and salsas
Cebollas Asadas Pickled roasted onions
Cebollas Encurtidas Red onions pickled in sour orange juice
Chile Tamulado Fiery habanero table salsa
Chiltomate Sauce of charred tomatoes and chiles
K’uut bi Ik Smoky & hot chile table salsa
Recado Negro/Chilmole Seasoning blend of charred chiles
Recado Rojo Achiote seasoning blend
Salpicón I Chopped radish and onion salsa
Salpicón II Simple chopped purple onion salsa
Salsa de Jitomate Yucateca I Smoky cooked tomato salsa
Salsa de Jitomate Yucateca II Puréed cooked tomato salsa
Tomate Frito Enriched cooked tomato salsa
Vinagre de Pina Pineapple vinegar
X'nipek Zesty tomato table salsa

Soups and rice
Arroz Amarillo Yellow rice
Arroz Blanco White rice
Arroz Verde Green rice
Crema de Cilantro Creamy cilantro soup
Sopa de Chicharrón Creamy pork crackling soup
Sopa de Joroch Squash soup with maize dumplings
Sopa de Lima Chilled consommé with lima and achiote chicken salad

Codzitos Fried tortilla rolls
Dzotobichay Vegetarian tamal wrapped in chaya leaves
Gorditas de Chaya Thick maize pancakes with sautéed greens
Gorditas de Chicharra Thick maize pancakes with pork cracklings and bacon
Pol'kanes Maize, bean and squash seed fritters
Tamal Colado Creamy strained tamal with smoked meat
Totopos Crispy tortilla strips

Poultry and eggs
Huevos Motuleños Garnished eggs from Motul  
Pollo Asado Charcoal broiled chicken in achiote marinade
Pollo Pibil Pit-smoked chicken in achiote marinade
Pollos en Alcaparrado Chicken, chorizo & ham stewed in tomatoes & white wine   

Pork, beef and game
Carne Asada Charcoal-grilled beef in oregano/black pepper marinade  
Chancletas Chayote stuffed with pork in a charred chile sauce
Chicharra en Salpicón Chopped salad of pork belly and bacon
Chiles en Nogada Stuffed poblano chiles with walnut sauce
Cochinita Pibil Pit-smoked pork in achiote marinade
Pib X'catik Blond chiles stuffed with cochinita pibil
Pibil de Venado Pit-smoked venison in achiote marinade
Picadillo en Chilmole Chopped pork in charred chile sauce
Poc Chuc Wood fire-grilled pork cutlets
Tsi'ik Chilled salad of shredded meat and vegetables
Venado en Pipián Rojo Venison in red squash seed sauce

Camarones al Coco Coconut shrimp with sweet-and-sour pineapple salsa
Ceviche Seafood medley marinated in lime juice
Ensalada de Mariscos Assorted seafood salad
Filete al Mojo de Ajo Whitefish in garlic and herb sauce
Pescado en Tikin-xik Grilled achiote-marinated fish
Tacos de Mariscos Empanizados Fried fish tacos with chipotle aïoli

Calabacita Frita Warm sautéed zucchini dip
Chaya Frita Sautéed Yucatecan greens
Chulibu'ul Maya "succotash" of new corn and fresh beans
Ensalada Xek Jícama and mandarin orange salad
Frijol Colado Creamy strained beans
Sikil P'aak Vegetable dip of toasted squash seeds, roasted tomatoes and chile 

Desserts and beverages
Caballeros Pobres Bread pudding "soufflé" with cinnamon syrup and nuts
Champola Ice cream "float"
Chocolate Classic Maya beverage
Churros Sweet Spanish fritter
Helado de Chocolate Mexicano Mexican chocolate frozen custard with chile
Helado de Mango Chunky mango frozen custard
Helado de Vainilla Mexicana Mexican vanilla frozen custard
Horchata Chilled almond and rice beverage
Rosquitas de Almendras Marzipan “doughnuts” with Italian meringue glaze
Sorbete de Guanabana Guanábana sorbet
Sorbete de Lima Lima sorbet
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