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Champola with horchata and mango ice cream

THROUGHOUT THE CARIBBEAN – from Cuba to Puerto Rico – the Champola is something like a fruit-and-milk "smoothie" employing milk, sugar and the ambrosial tropical fruit guanábana, known in English as "soursop." In Yucatán, the recipe was streamlined at least 60 years ago. In a Yucatecan vocabulary book by Jesús Amaro Gamboa, and published by UADY (Autonomous University of Yucatán), the Champola, as it is commonly consumed in the peninsula and popularized by such beloved institutions as Sorbetería Colón, is nothing more than a tall glass of ice cold milk with a scoop of your favorite ice cream or sorbet on top – the traditional flavor still being guanábana. However, a rainbow of possibilities has opened in recent years, and nowadays it is just as common to use the delicious almond beverage Horchata (our favorite) instead of milk, and anything from strawberry or chocolate ice cream, to mamey or limón sorbet as the topping. Advice to our students: Experiment!

1 8oz. (236ml) serving
• 8 oz. (236ml) chilled milk or Horchata
• 1 scoop of your favorite ice cream or sorbet
STEP 1  POUR MILK OR HORCHATA into an 8 oz. (236ml) Tom Collins glass or parfait glass. Add the ice cream or sorbet on top; serve with a straw and an ice tea spoon.

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