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Chiles en Nogada


I USUALLY NEVER MEANDER from my path of researching and cooking 100% authentic regional Yucatecan food. But when a dish is as delicious as Chiles en Nogada, I sometimes break my own rules! Mexico's Independence is celebrated on 16 September; Chiles en Nogada is a classic offering for the holiday, and is enjoyed throughout the republic – even in Yucatán! As in all of my recipes, I have streamlined the steps of this rather complicated dish, while not sacrificing flavor. This recipe is one of almost 80 that I created for "Milagros" – a new Mexican restaurant in Munich, Germany, that I helped develop. Read more about my participation in the project.

 Yield / Eight 245 g servings

• 960 g medium poblano chiles (8 chiles about120g each)

STEP 1  HEAT TWO INCHES OF VEGETABLE OIL in a large skillet or saucepan. Remove skins of chiles by plunging them into the oil for a minute or so, until you see the skins blistering. Remove and allow to cool. Under running water, gently rub off the blistered skin being careful not to puncture the chile. Make a slit up one side of each chile and carefully remove seeds and veins, leaving stem intact. Avoid over-handling the chiles. pat them dry and set them aside while you make the filling. The batter will not adhere to them properly if the chiles are not dry.

• 115 g raisins
• 250 ml dry sherry

STEP 2  POUR SHERRY OVER RAISINS and set aside as you proceed with the next steps.

• 45 g lard or vegetable oil
• 20 g garlic, finely chopped
• 250 g onion, finely chopped
• 4 g ground canela (Mexican cinnamon)
• 2 g ground black pepper
• 1 g each cloves and cumin

• 1 k ground pork
• 250 g smoked ham, ground
• 350 g tomatoes, cored, seeded and finely chopped
• 230 g apple, peeled and cut into 1.5cm cubes
• 230 g pear, peeled and cut into 1.5cm cubes
• 100 g dried apricots, chopped
• 75 g blanched almonds, slivered
• 250 ml chicken stock
• 10 g salt

STEP 3  HEAT THE LARD OR OIL in a large skillet until hot but not smoking; add onion, garlic and spices and cook until onions are translucent, about 5 minutes. Add pork and ham and cook until meat is no longer pink. Add the sherry-soaked raisins and the rest of the ingredients except the salt. Cook until liquid is mostly evaporated, 15-20 minutes; check seasonings and add the salt if necessary. Allow the filling to cool to room temperature. When cool, fill the chiles, dividing the mixture evenly (approximately 125 g per chile).

• 750 ml créme fraîche
• 200 g walnuts
• 45 g bolillo (Mexican roll)
• 120 ml milk
• 120 ml dry sherry
• 10 g sugar
• 1 g ground canela (Mexican cinnamon)
• 4 g salt
• 1 g ground white pepper
• 200 g cream cheese

STEP 4  PUT THE CREAM AND THE WALNUTS in a food processor and allow to stand as you proceed with the next steps. Meanwhile, slice the bread; dissolve the sugar and spices in the milk mixed with the sherry; add the bread slices to thoroughly soak. Transfer the bread and its soaking liquid to the processor, as well as the cream cheese. Purée the mixture in the processor until smooth. Set aside. (Yield: 1.25 liters / 156 ml per serving)

• 230 g eggs, separated, at room temperature
• 90 g flour
• 1 g teaspoon salt
• Oil for frying

until hot but not smoking. Beat egg whites until they form stiff peaks, but not dry. Beat egg yolks together with the salt and flour. The mixture will be stiff. Transfer half of the beaten egg whites to the yolk/flour mixture and beat to incorporate. Fold this mixture gently into the remaining whites. Dip filled chiles one at a time into the batter to coat evenly, then fry two at a time. Gently lift one chile to check for doneness: it should be golden brown on the bottom. When browned, carefully turn to the other side. Remove and drain on paper towels until plating.

• 2 pomegranates, peeled and separated into seeds
• 25 g parsley, leaves only, finely chopped

Spoon a bit of sauce onto a place. Place one chile on top and layer with some more of the sauce. Sprinkle with pomegranate seeds and chopped parsley.

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