Day of the Dead Special

October 31 and November 2

During this special class, we will prepare the classic mucbilpollo and other foods unique to Yucatán.

Hanál Pixán, or “Feast of the spirits” in Mayan, is an ancient harvest festival and predates the more well-known Day of the Dead by centuries. The tradition is alive and well in Yucatán, where for a full week people prepare altars in honor of a visit from their departed ancestors, and make special foods for their enjoyment. The most famous of these foods – mucbilpollo – is a giant tamal filled with chicken and baked in an underground oven, or píib. Its “burial” and “resurrection” have obvious symbolism.


Duration Approximately 8 hours
Start Time 8:30 am
Group Size 6 person minimum
Dates October 31 and November 2
Price $200.00 USD/per person


8:30 am Light continental breakfast on the Los Dos terrace
9:00 Chef Mario: Introduction to Maya history and ingredients
10:30 Walk to central market
10:45 Market tour
11:30 Return to Los Dos; light snack; cooking instruction begins
2:30 pm
Wine/beer service begins
3:00 Comida fuerte (the large Yucatecan meal) is served
4:00* Visit to Concorso de Altares in Main square: Hasta luego!

Historical overview and market tour presented by Chef Mario; workbook with all recipes we cook in class; a souvenir Los Dos apron; continental breakfast; mid-day snack; full afternoon meal with wine/beer service.

Service tips for Los Dos staff are not included and are at the discretion of the visitor; pesos or US dollars are welcome.

NOTE: All classes and visits to Los Dos must be booked at least 72 hours in advance. Booking can only be completed via e-mail; unfortunately, we cannot accommodate phone booking or drop-ins.

* Class ending times are approximate only.